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🌳 22 trees planted & ☁️ 125kg CO2 offset

Long-Haul Flight - Single Leg

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Did you know that a long haul flight creates 101 grams of carbon per mile? With the average long haul flight being 5000 miles a lot of carbon is released into the atmosphere. 202kg to be specific.

To offset your average long haul flight single leg we plant 21 mangrove trees and absorb 126kg of carbon through verified carbon credits.

What is CO2e?

Carbon dioxide equivalent. It is a way of accounting for all green house gas emissions through one simple figure. It includes all the molecules that capture heat and warm our atmosphere.

How much carbon?

28 miles in a car (~300g per mile) = 1 tree

3 course meal for two = 16kg = 3 trees

Overnight stay in a hotel - 22kg = 4 trees

Short haul return 101 g per mile = 12 trees

Email with attachments = 50g

2 mins on your phone a day = 40g

Average CO2 per person to offset their life is ~11 tonnes = 1870 trees